Podcast Coaching

Our PODCAST COACHES are not programmers, consultants nor self-proclaimed experts in podcasting. We offer experienced, successful performers themselves to listen, evaluate and oversee your podcasts.

Our performers are an elite group of podcasters and radio hosts who have been producing unique audio content successfully for years.

Our coaching includes

  • 3 session – one on one evaluations
  • one on one in person (or virtual) review sessions
  • Full oversight coaching
  • Mini-seminars & think tanks

A sample 3 session coaching package would include:

  • Day 1 – Choosing material YOU find interesting and about which you are passionate
  • Day 2 – Learning to give enough details without dragging on too long and wandering
  • Day 3 – How to be relaxed and comfortable enough behind the mic so that you sound completely like yourself and not like a “Podcaster Version” of you.

Interested? Complete and return a pdf below or click here to contact us.